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Record and secure archiving of all customer Interactions in the Cloud

Mobile phone, Landline, email, SMS, FAX and Soft PBX Recording

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Recordia transforms office communications, recording with ease and efficiency in the cloud, under the pay-per-use model (SaaS). Record all interactions, store them for any required amount of time, and when they are needed again, seamlessly bring them back in a searchable format.

Analytics can later be applied to obtain data from interactions, create customer feedback, and predict trends. Our system can also be equipped with machine learning technology, which can help you make predictions and generate reliable results from hidden insights.


Global: We are truly global. We can assist you no matter where you are: Europe, Asia, Africa, or the Americas.

Unified: All recordings are converged into one intuitive and easy-to-use platform. Search by specific people, interactions, or keywords.

Scalable: Small businesses, large corporations, telcos, and resellers: we can adapt to your specific needs. Scale at any time as needed with financial predictability.

Secure: Guarantees all recordings with secure links and sophisticated encryption algorithms, protecting against unauthorized access.


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“With Recordia®, we are now able to monitor all stock transactions. We protect ourselves and our customers, taking care of any setback or claim. We record all analogue and digital stations.”

Caroline Adamson, Finance


Companies of all sizes are required to record customer interactions for a number of reasons

Legal Compliance

We can help you avoid costly fines from non-compliance with security standards by providing you with fully compliant solutions that meet the strictest requirements for storage, transparency and access to data.

Customer Satisfaction

Increase customer satisfaction by receiving instant feedback from your clients, and using it to accurately address concerns. Get a better understanding of your customer needs by analyzing real-time data.

Employee Training

Call recordings are an excellent way to capture the performance of employees, and use it for a high-quality training. Your employees can easily catch up on the interactions they could not join.

Quality Monitoring

Recordia is designed to help you ensure excellent customer service by monitoring real-time interactions between employees and clients. Easily analyze the evolution of your customer support over time.

Legal Binding

Recorded oral agreements can form legally binding contracts, as long as they contain an offer, an acceptance of such, and an intention to create legal relations. Recordings prove that the contract exists.

Breach Investigation

Use call recordings to conduct security breach investigations and ensure that no confidential data leaves the company without permission. Discover who accessed recorded calls with Recordia’s auditing system.



Recordia solution


  • Geographic redundancy and data sovereignty
  • Platform high availability 99.99%
  • Data consistency 99.999999999% of all interactions recorded
  • Digitally signed recordings for proof of authenticity
  • Encryption ensures recordings cannot be accessed and played
  • Hash comparison allows to check authenticity of recordings
  • External digital signature ensures integrity and authenticity
  • Compliance with USA, EU and Worldwide Data Protection regulations (Dodd Frank, MiFID II)
  • Compliance with the PCI-DSS standard