The smart way to record, store and analyze customer interactions

Mobile phone, Landline, email, SMS, FAX and Soft PBX Recording

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Recordia transforms office communications, recording with ease and efficiency in the cloud, under the pay-per-use model (SaaS). Record all interactions, store them for any required amount of time, and when they are needed again, seamlessly bring them back in a searchable format.

Analytics can later be applied to obtain data from interactions, create customer feedback, and predict trends. Our system can also be equipped with machine learning technology, which can help you make predictions and generate reliable results from hidden insights.


  • Geographic redundancy and data sovereignty
  • Platform high availability 99.99%
  • Data consistency 99.999999999% of all interactions recorded
  • Digitally signed recordings for proof of authenticity
  • Encryption ensures recordings cannot be accessed and played
  • Hash comparison allows to check authenticity of recordings
  • External digital signature ensures integrity and authenticity
  • Compliance with USA, EU and Worldwide Data Protection regulations (Dodd Frank, MiFID II)
  • Compliance with the PCI-DSS standard


*For Enterprise Use Only

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“With Recordia®, we are now able to monitor all stock transactions. We protect ourselves and our customers, taking care of any setback or claim. We record all analogue and digital stations.”

Caroline Adamson, Finance


Companies of all sizes are required to record customer interactions for a number of reasons


Recordia captures and integrates recordings from different sources and telephony systems (PBXs, mobile phones…), adapting to whatever type of communication infrastructure your company has deployed.


All types of recordings are easily accessible from a web based responsive and user-friendly platform in the cloud. Search with ease by: usernames, dates, keywords, type of interaction, duration, etc.

Easily Scalable

Recordia is flexible and adapts to the specific needs of each sector and company. Thanks to its cloud based infrastructure it can scale up or down as needed with total financial predictability.


A cloud-based solution capable of recording both locally and internationally. Available in more than 60 languages.

Multiple Telephony Systems Integrations

Integrated with most common IP telephony platforms (on prem and hosted PBXs) such as: Cisco, Broadsoft, Unify, Avaya, Asterisk and Alcatel, among others.

Recordia takes Security very seriously

Call recordings and associated metadata are captured and immediately encrypted using sophisticated algorithms, always travel trough secured links and are protected against unauthorized access through digital signature and hashes.

CRM Integrations

Recordia provides native integration with popular CRM systems such as Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics. Calls and all associated metadata are captured and recorded on the Recordia platform. Recordia then inserts a link to each recording and corresponding metadata inside the customer´s profile in CRM.

Multimedia Recording

Integrates digitally or analogically with your switchboard, collecting information from your CTI server (if available). Records the agents’ screens.

Multilanguage Transcription

Recordia includes a transcription feature embeded inside the platform. With the click of a button users can esasily transcribe conversations on demand. Transcription is also available in full mode if required. 60 languages supported.