cloud deployment models

Cloud Deployment Models: Private, Public, and Hybrid (difference)

by Ani Miteva March 21, 2018 Cloud News

During the last decade, companies experienced a significant shift from on-premise systems to cloud-based infrastructures, undergoing a change in the

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8 cloud adoption statistics that reveal the future of the cloud

by Ani Miteva March 20, 2018 Cloud News

From mainframe to cloud computing The concept of cloud computing is not as new as we think – in fact,

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Public Procurement - Public Sector Contracts Law

10 key implications of the Public Sector Contracts Law (Public Procurement)

by Ani Miteva March 13, 2018 Cloud News

After one year of parliamentary procedures and almost two years behind the official deadline, the new Public Sector Contracts Law

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MiFID II Summary regulations financial industry

MiFID II Summary: regulating the financial industry

by Ani Miteva March 07, 2018 Cloud News

The second revision of the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID II) became effective on the 3rd of January 2018,

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EU Regulations May 2018 GDPR

GDPR becomes effective in May 2018: are you ready? (EU Regulations)

by Ani Miteva March 05, 2018 Cloud News

EU Regulations 2018: getting ready for a change As we are entering an era of accelerated digital transformation, many current

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GDPR EU 7 myths debunked

GDPR EU: 7 common myths debunked

by Ani Miteva February 28, 2018 Cloud News

For the last couple of years, GDPR EU has been one of the hottest topics across all digital industries. The

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cloud computing technology advantages

7 key advantages of Cloud Computing technology

by Ani Miteva February 21, 2018 Cloud News

Cloud computing technology as a leading force for digital transformation The exponential digitalization of services across all industries, among with

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Penalties for non-compliance GDPR, MiFID II, PCI-DSS

Penalties for non-compliance: GDPR, MiFID II, and PCI-DSS

by Ani Miteva February 15, 2018 Cloud News

2018 – the year of cyber security 2018 will witness a remarkable transformation in the field of cyber security. On

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10 benefits of cloud-based call recording

10 benefits of cloud-based call recording for businesses

by Ani Miteva February 07, 2018 Recordia News

Whether you are managing a startup or an enterprise, the amount of daily calls can often be overwhelming. Because real-time

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MiFID II Summary

MiFID II Summary, What It Is and How It Affects You

by José Luis Pérez January 30, 2018 Cloud Worldwide Services News

MiFID II Summary of in Europe On January 3rd, 2018, MiFID II came into effect in Europe, which seeks to provide

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Regulacion Europea de Proteccion de Datos Personales GDPR

General Data Protection Regulation: what, when, why?

by José Luis Pérez January 30, 2018 Cloud Worldwide Services News

What is the GDPR compliance? The General Data Protection Regulation is a new regulation that aims to strengthen and unify

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Recordia launches Asterisk Integration for call recording

Recordia launches Asterisk Integration to address security regulations for call recording

by Ani Miteva January 30, 2018 Recordia News

Recordia, the security platform leader in call recording, storage, and interaction analytics, has announced its integration with Asterisk. Asterisk is

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