What is Virtual Fax?

What is Virtual Fax, and how does it work?

by Ani Miteva June 16, 2018 Recordia News

Fax might be a word that you haven’t heard in a long time, but you would be surprised to learn

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call recording on cloud

The benefits of Call Recording on Cloud vs. On-Premise

by Ani Miteva May 21, 2018 Recordia News

With significantly lower costs, quick set-up and unlimited usability, cloud-based technology has been slowly substituting on-premise over the course of

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speech analytics speech-to-text

The benefits of Speech Analytics for Call Centers

by Ani Miteva May 10, 2018 Recordia News

The technology of Speech Analytics entered the commercial market just 14 years ago, but it has already become one of

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are recorded calls admissible in court

Are recorded calls admissible in court? (Europe)

by Ani Miteva May 09, 2018 Recordia News

Many companies record conversations to obtain a back-up evidence for the resolution of disputes, but it is important to understand

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recorded conversations usa court

Are recorded conversations admissible in court? (USA)

by Ani Miteva April 25, 2018 Recordia News

Call recording is often used for the resolution of disputes, but in more serious cases companies or individuals may want

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samsung galaxy s9 call recording issues

Samsung might face lawsuit over Galaxy S9 call recording issues

by Ani Miteva April 24, 2018 Recordia News

After the recent discovery that Samsung Galaxy S9 will no longer allow call recording, frustrated users in Israel filed a

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pci compliant fax

PCI Compliant Fax – what does it mean?

by Ani Miteva April 24, 2018 Recordia News

Virtual Fax provides numerous security benefits for businesses, but many sectors require additional measures to ensure that data is sent

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5 cloud myths busted

5 cloud myths that need to be busted

by Ani Miteva April 19, 2018 Cloud News

Cloud computing is revolutionizing the way we do business. According to Statista, the public cloud market is expected to reach

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How Recordia helps your company record calls legally in Europe

by Ani Miteva April 18, 2018 Recordia News

Since the beginning of the year, Europe has been tightening security regulations to protect the privacy of European citizens across

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VoIP Telephony

VoIP Telephony: definition, types, and benefits for businesses

by Ani Miteva April 18, 2018 Cloud News

If you are not familiar with the concept of VoIP Telephony, don’t worry: you have probably used it hundreds of

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virtual fax vs. e-mail security and legal binding

Virtual Fax vs. E-mail: Why do companies still fax?

by Ani Miteva April 12, 2018 Cloud News

When you hear the word “fax”, what thoughts come to your mind? Let me guess: you are probably wondering when

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Call recording not available on Galaxy S9, S9+ and eventually other Samsung devices

by Ani Miteva April 04, 2018 Technology News

Last week, Samsung issued an official statement confirming that it won’t be possible to record calls on Galaxy S9 and

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