call center tips for beginners in customer service

10 Call Center Tips for beginners in Customer Service

by Ani Miteva September 10, 2018 Recordia News

Call Center Tips for Beginners Get to know our call recording solution for call centers. Let’s be honest: working as

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Impact of GDPR so far: What happens next?

Companies under pressure after a spike in GDPR requests

by Ani Miteva August 27, 2018 Recordia News

Just about two months after the European Union implemented the General Data Protection Regulation in May 2018, companies are being

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contact center technologies

6 must-have Contact Center Technologies

by Ani Miteva August 20, 2018 Recordia News

Must-have Contact Center Technologies Providing an outstanding customer service is the ultimate goal of all contact centers, but this cannot

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call recording provider

5 questions to ask before selecting a Call Recording Provider

by Ani Miteva August 15, 2018 Recordia News

If you are a company looking to reap all the benefits of having a cloud-based system for call recording, you

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top 10 IVR benefits

10 IVR benefits for small businesses

by Ani Miteva August 02, 2018 Recordia News

In one of our previous articles, we explained the technology behind an Interactive Voice Response System, and its most common

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interactive voice response system

What is an Interactive Voice Response System? (IVR Technology)

by Ani Miteva July 24, 2018 Recordia News

The concept of an Interactive Voice Response System may sound foreign to you, but you have probably experienced it hundreds

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What is Virtual Fax?

What is Virtual Fax, and how does it work?

by Ani Miteva June 16, 2018 Recordia News

Fax might be a word that you haven’t heard in a long time, but you would be surprised to learn

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call recording on cloud

The benefits of Call Recording on Cloud vs. On-Premise

by Ani Miteva May 21, 2018 Recordia News

With significantly lower costs, quick set-up and unlimited usability, cloud-based technology has been slowly substituting on-premise over the course of

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speech analytics speech-to-text

The benefits of Speech Analytics for Call Centers

by Ani Miteva May 10, 2018 Recordia News

The technology of Speech Analytics entered the commercial market just 14 years ago, but it has already become one of

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are recorded calls admissible in court

Are recorded calls admissible in court? (Europe)

by Ani Miteva May 09, 2018 Recordia News

Many companies record conversations to obtain a back-up evidence for the resolution of disputes, but it is important to understand

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