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fxsigner solution

Electronic invoice with advanced recognized signature

Our cloud-based solution FxSigner lets you validate all your invoices legally in a quick and easy way, automating the sending process to customers and suppliers. Secure delivery and reception are guaranteed.

FxSigner is a modular solution that facilitates the signing of PDF invoices making use of a certificate and with the possibility of incorporating a time stamp that guarantees the time of the transaction and the status of the certificate used to sign your documents.

Why do you need FxSigner?

  • Issue and digitally sign lots of invoices.
  • Sign invoices from your ERP system and send them directly to your customers.
  • Include a time stamp (configured through a Time Stamping Authority). This guarantees the time of the transaction and the status of the electronic certificate used at the time of signing.
  • The use of digital signature guarantees the integrity and non-repudiation of the invoice.


*For Enterprise Use Only

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“Thanks to fxSigner, we finally achieved the efficient, easy, and secure management of all our invoices at a single place. With this digital signature, we can now keep everything in order without complications.”

Josep A. Baash, President


FxSigner is a simple and easy-to-use billing solution that helps SMEs and Professionals create online invoices.

Green, Clear and Simple

Environmentally friendly, without unneccesary resource consumption. Invoice content is always clear and legible, with no blurry images.

Mobility and Comfort

Access your data from any device. Send invoices in a simple, easy and comfortable way, from any location with an internet connection.

Easy to get started

Flexible and scalable contract that adapts to your needs. Choose the best plan for you, with no minimum time commitment.

Emitter Benefits

Sign invoces electronically with one-click only (batch mode or individually). Send invoices safely, ensuring delivery to the addressee.

Receiver Benefits

Zero costs. Automatic integration with your accounting and managements systems. Avoid manual processes and the duplicity of data inserting tasks.

Safety and Reliability

Invoice FxSigner takes security very seriously. In compliance with PCI-DSS, your data is encrypted and exchanged securely.



Digital Signing: Automate the process of creating, signing, and sending invoices.

Flexibility: Simply sign and receive invoices securely from any device, anywhere with internet access.

Security: We employ the highest levels of security to keep your information private, and comply with PCI DSS standards.

Environmentally Friendly: Eliminate waste like paper and toner and receive faxes that are clear and legible.