World's leading telcos use our tools and technological platforms to deliver the most advanced solutions to their customers

Solving complex problems with powerful cloud-based solutions

Our services fully align with telcos’ digital strategy to deliver innovative solutions to end-customers by leveraging progressive cloud technologies.

Remarkably efficient and highly compatible, our platforms are crafted for a seamless integration into your Sales portfolio that will not only increase your revenue streams, but will also improve the overall experience of your clients.

Why do world-leading Telcos integrate our platforms into their Sales portfolio?

CWS is proud to have partnered with leading telecommunication service providers in the delivery of powerful solutions to companies of all sizes. Our platforms are preferred on the market because they…

  • Are easy to sell by the Telco salesforce
  • Are easy to understand by the end-user
  • Have a direct connection with the core business of Telcos: voice and data
  • Are highly profitable, delivering high margins and high EBIT (better than EBITDA)
  • Require No CAPEX neither for Telcos nor for end-users
  • Require no unnecessary installations
  • Are fully responsive and easily accessible via the Cloud
  • Have an immediate Time to Market
  • Are backed up by comprehensive support (support, helpdesk, security, legal advice.)
  • Help you increase ARPU and customer satisfaction while reducing churn
  • Can be equipped with powerful features (speech analytics, machine learning…)


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At CWS we are aware of the needs of our partners and we adapt to them

Increase your Average Revenue Per User

With narrow margins, increased competition and flat rates, companies can obtain a competitive advantage through products and services that are capable of increasing customer loyalty while reducing churn rate.


Reduce your Capital Expenditure by using our infrastructure and services (operational in record time). No initial investment is required; transition effortlessly from on-premise to cloud without unnecessary expenses.


Our cloud-based services make it possible for employees to do business on the go, enabling quick access from virtually any device and any location with an Internet connection. Our solutions are easily scalable, on a Pay-per-Use model.

Quick Adaptation

We are on a mission to help companies obtain a competitive advantage in a highly competitive market by launching new products and services in record time. Our solutions are easily adaptable to changes.

Infrastructure Use

We support various standards like OpenStack and we integrate with different cloud providers, making your data center work with our technology. You can start monetizing from day one. Use your own Cloud or operate with ours (White-Label).

Consumer, SMBs & Enterprise Markets

Our services are carefully crafted to meet the needs of individuals, SMBs, and Enterprises as equally as good. You will be ready to start your Marketing strategy in no time.