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At Cloud Worldwide Services®, we specialize in taking business communications to new horizons, providing cutting-edge cloud solutions that stand out for their innovation and security. We focus on developing and implementing cloud technologies that not only meet the highest privacy standards but also drive operational efficiency and regulatory compliance for our clients.

Innovative Solutions for All Your Needs

Recordia® is much more than just a voice analysis tool. Driven by the most advanced artificial intelligence, this revolutionary solution provides a deep understanding of voice interactions, enabling businesses to extract strategic information to optimize their processes and decisions.

  • Recording and custody of interactions.
  • Voice and sentiment analysis with AI.
  • Voice Biometrics Authentication.

eComFax® is a scalable and secure cloud fax solution that simplifies sending and receiving faxes from any device with Internet access. With advanced communication features and regulatory compliance, eComFax® allows you to create an international fax network to connect businesses globally.

  • Create your own international fax network.
  • Advanced communication features for added security.
  • Complies with major regulations.
  • Available on Cisco Webex and Microsoft Teams.

Security and Compliance

Cloud solutions that protect your business and your customers

At Cloud Worldwide Services®, we understand that data security is an absolute priority.

All our solutions are designed to comply with the most rigorous regulations and provide a reliable environment where your company’s information and your customers’ data are protected at all times.

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Leading telecommunications companies and financial institutions use our advanced SaaS communication solutions.

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