6 ways call recording can help boost call center agent performance

by Aisling Moriarty March 05, 2019
5 ways call recording can help boost call center agent performance

Employees are the foundation of a company, and can be its strongest asset. What can you do to ensure you have hardworking, motivated employees? First of all, you should treat your employees like you want them to treat your customers. It sounds simple but we often lose sight of this due to the pressure and deadlines we have. The second step is training them well and giving them the tools to grow and develop. That is where our call recording solution Recordia can help. Keep reading to find out 6 ways call recording can help boost call center agent performance

Don’t just be their boss, be their coach

One of the main reasons good employees leave a company is their relationship with their manager. A superior at work is an integral part of daily work life, you don´t need to be friends but a good working relationship is essential. Be respectful and give advice, don’t just criticize them when they make mistakes also praise them when they succeed.

So, how can Recordia help with this? Call recording is an underused tool that gives you direct access to endless amounts of data that you can use to help your agents and therefore your clients and overall business. You can choose a variety of methods for using call recording for employees.

One way is employee-manager review meetings. You could hold a one to one meeting and choose two phone calls one successful and one unsuccessful call. Discuss what went wrong and what went well, their strengths and weaknesses and come up with a future strategy, give advice etc. this can be adapted in many ways but it is an effective and personal approach.


Call recording is a great and unique way for employees to self-assess. With Recordia, they will have access to their calls and transcripts, so they can listen back on successful or unsuccessful calls and see what went wrong and areas they can improve on.

By listening to themselves from a third party perspective, they can gain insight into their own strengths and weaknesses and it promotes self-development and growth. You could also get them to fill out a report on what they think their strengths and weaknesses are, what they think went well or didn’t go well in a call and if they have any questions or advice they need, and discuss them in a meeting.

Establish realistic goals using speech analytics

Gain insight to what exactly customers want from the customers themselves. With this information, you know exactly how you need to train your agents and what they need to do. With our speech analytics software, you can search for keywords and identify customers’ problems, needs and wants. Call agents armed with this information will be able to help customers more effectively and efficiently.

Shift focus from call volume to customer satisfaction

Many companies focus on the call volume that agents get through. However maybe it is time to shift focus to customer satisfaction. By aiming for 100% satisfaction, you will motivate employees to solve customer problems and they will not worry about numbers. Thus, customers will be more satisfied which will lead to higher customer retention.

Last year leading research company Forrester found that customer experience fell flat for the third year in a row. Now more than ever companies need to ensure customer satisfaction and retain customers. It can cost up to five times more to acquire a new customer than to keep an existing one. In today’s competitive market, customers are not afraid to switch providers if they feel dissatisfied with service. Recordia also integrates seamlessly with CRM systems such as salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics where you can store records and recordings of phone calls, SMS, faxes, emails and other client interactions all in one place.

Improve NPS® score

Customer satisfaction and retention are key to the success of a business. Using above methods will help employees and therefore your customers. There are a number of other ways Recordia can help with this, one being improving the company’s NPS®. The NPS® (Net promoter score) is a method of gauging customer satisfaction and loyalty. There are three categories based on scores out of ten: NPS Promoters (9 or 10), NPS Passives (7 or 8) and NPS Detractors (0-6).

These scores indicate if your customers are satisfied or unsatisfied and if they would recommend you or not.  The main way of collecting data for NPS is through surveys but with call recording, you have a huge amount of data at your disposal. This alongside surveys from customers can significantly improve your brands image by focusing on trends and customers opinions, suggestions and resolving their problems.

Role-play as a training tool

Whether you are training new staff or trying to upskill current agents call recording can be a real asset to your contact center. What better way than to use real calls that your contact center has received from your customers. Using role-plays as a training tool will give new employees insight and experience with typical calls.

Using a combination of the methods outlined, and other methods of interacting with customers such as social media you can improve your overall customer satisfaction and loyalty, gain new customers and have a more efficient workplace.

If you would like to learn more about how Recordia can help you company. Contact us today.

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