Cloud call recording: How it can curb negative customer feedback

by Aisling Moriarty August 06, 2019
Cloud call recording: how it can help curb negative customer feedback

Negative customer feedback is inevitable in business, but there are ways of turning criticism into valuable data and can improve your customer service. Getting negative customer feedback can cause all sorts of problems, from low employee moral to a decline in client retention and profits. Using advanced technology can help resolve some of these issues and these negative comments can be turned into positive actions. Continue reading to find out how call recording can help curb negative customer feedback.

Cloud call recording: What is it?

Cloud call recording is a recording system based in the cloud that lets you capture, record, encrypt and store all interactions within the business and between employees and clients. Both corporations and SMBs are realizing the necessity and benefits of call recording.

Cloud call recording: How can it help?

Gain insights

Cloud call recording can offer invaluable data and help you gain insights into your customers.  If a customer complains about something, if you use a cloud call recording solution that offers transcription and a searchable format, you can see all of your customers’ data almost instantly. You can review your customer’s history and then choose the best way to respond. Our cloud based recording solution can do just this, and can also record a variety of interactions such as email, SMS, fax and social media and stores all of the information all in one place. By doing a keyword search 

For example, let’s say you sell flat pack furniture and you receive a complaint that there are pieces missing. Using Recordia, you can do a keyword search and find out if this is a one off event or if it is becoming a pattern. If it is the latter, there is a problem in production/quality control. You can then make a plan of action to resolve the situation.

Staff retraining

You can use cloud call recording to improve staff performance and retraining. By using the insights and customer gathered from phone calls and various interactions, you can identify key problems and issues and then retrain your staff to deal with these situations. The more well trained your staff are, the better customer service they provide

Speech analytics

Speech analytics is a key resource when trying to avoid negative customer feedback.

Using this technology, you can analyze audio data and it can help you understand the needs and expectations of your customers, their behavioral patterns and predict trends. You can use this information to reduce complaints and improve customer service, optimize your marketing campaigns and increase sales by delivering the right product at the right time.

Improve efficiency

With the combination of the benefits outlined above, cloud call recording can improve the efficiency of your staff. With Recordia you have all information in one place which can make it easier for staff to identify and resolve problems if they have all the information in front of them. Not only will you save time, but it will lead to better customer satisfaction.

Why Recordia?

Recordia is a cloud call recording solution, which offers many benefits and features. Whatever the size and needs of your company; Recordia can be scaled and adapted to your needs.

Recordia offers many features such as:

  • Long-term storage of recorded calls and communications
  • Encryption of call recordings through secure links and sophisticated algorithms to eliminate unauthorized access
  • Consolidated User Experience that allows for searches of mobile, land calls, SMS, email, fax, and others
  • Transcription of calls into searchable text
  • Analytics and machine learning technology for analyzing interactions and discovering trends
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