How call recording can increase your sales team’s productivity

by José Luis Pérez December 12, 2018
5 departments in your company that can benefit from call recording

A high performing sales team is essential for business development and growth. Sales managers are always looking for ways to improve their sales volume and strategies. Many companies budget for external training, e.g. negotiation. However, most managers don’t look into one of their most valuable resources – the phone calls themselves. Call recording solutions allow you to capture, record, encrypt and store all interactions between your sales team and potential and current clients.

Privacy concerns

The number one objection to call recording is privacy concerns. Despite this concern, call recording is not for monitoring purposes. It´s to help productivity, business growth and employees, not to watch their every move. Call recording is comparable to how com companies use CRM systems. They´re to help and protect employees and improve productivity and business growth, not control or monitor what employees are doing.

Transparency with your employees is key with call recording software. Call recording could be a sensitive subject for your sales team. Therefore, it would be a good idea to include them in the process to make a final decision. Explain what you want to achieve by using it and ease any apprehensiveness they may have. Calls will not be listened to and are focused more on productivity and analytics and mostly used for spot checking, keywords and quality control. With our Recordia solution, clauses can even be created for calls not to be listened to, unless for example, if an employee requests a one to one meeting, in which they want advice about their tactics and pitches or is there´s a dispute with a customer and you need proof that your employee was not at fault, and to avoid a “he said, she said” situation.

Benefits of call recording for sales teams

Enhance training for new employees

For new employees, call recording can provide better training and understanding of their role. Employees’ can´t grasp what the actual experience will be with just talks and PowerPoint presentations. However, by having examples of good and bad calls and reviewing them, new employees can gain a better understanding of what they have to do in order to be successful sales representative.

Facilitate Professional Development

There are a variety of ways to utilize call recording to help employees develop better skills and grow professionally. It can be through individual one to one personalized reviews or used in a group training exercise by using one good and bad call from each member of the sales team for collaborative learning and peer reviews. Use the best phone calls as models and set standards for employees. Listen and grade employees’ performances by extracting portions of calls, spot their good or bad tendencies and give notes on how they can improve. You can also use it to ensure there are no security or data breaches and to ensure employees are abiding by legislation like GDPR and MIFID II.

Improve Sales Strategies

Call recording is a great way to help improve sales strategies by pinpointing problems. Are your sales team getting potential leads and then failing to close or not getting leads at all? Maybe the sales pitch needs work or the call list needs to be improved? What are the most common questions potential clients are asking? Are there certain objections continuously being raised? It’s a simple and accurate way of seeing how well current sales strategies are working and gage how customers react. By doing this, you can base sales techniques on the information gathered about what works and doesn’t work.


If employees know their calls are being recorded, they’re more likely to be productive with their time and calling habits. Reps will take time and care when speaking to customers which will then lead to better customer relations and customer satisfaction. You can let employees themselves listen back to calls so they can see and improve on any tactics or mistakes they are making.

Improve conversions

Not many call recording services provide this ability, but our Recordia solution can capture, record, encrypt and store all interactions. This, alongside the automatic transcription and analytic features allows you to identify keywords that can help lead to conversions. From this you can adjust strategies and selling points. It can also be used for quality assurance (QA) by using keyword search like competitor names, objections, etc.

Our Recordia solution

If you are not already using call recording software to help increase your business productivity or if your current solution is limited, don’t hesitate to contact us and enquire about the benefits our call recording software Recordia can offer your business.

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