How to prevent inefficiency in multi-platform customer service

by Aisling Moriarty July 09, 2019
How to prevent inefficiency in multi-platform customer service

Meeting customers’ expectations is vital, which means businesses need to have a multi- channel approach.

What is multi-platform customer service?

Multi-platform customer service simply means customers are able to contact you through a variety of communication channels such as phone calls, email, online chat, social media etc.  Customers want and expect to be able to contact customer service at any time so it is important to provide this.

Unfortunately, having conversations across multiple platforms can lead to inefficiency and employees being overwhelmed. Deploying multiply channels can cause issues when employees have to go back and forth between them. Many agents are assigned to only one channel and therefore miss important information gathered in other channels.

If your business, like most, uses a multiplatform approach to customer service, you have most likely come across this issue. Having a multiplatform customer service ecosystem can have immense benefits, if executed correctly.

Is it that important to have a multiplatform customer service?

Well, yes, it is actually quite important. Customers want to contact businesses in convenient and efficient ways, whether that is through email, social media, telephone or online chat. Research by Bain & Company shows that companies who engage and respond to customer service requests over social media, those customers end up spending up to 40% more

Therefore, just by giving your customers more options to communicate can help increase your reason. However, of course, it is not that simple and many problems can occur for various reasons: lack of training and communication between staff and just the sheer number of different software and platforms.

 How can technology help to prevent inefficiency in multiplatform customer service?

One of the biggest obstacles that companies face with a multiplatform strategy is the adoption and training. With various platforms, comes various functionalities, sometimes-limited integration and different systems working together. By training staff, you can overcome some of these issues.

Alternatively, you can also add a SaaS solution that can help ease the integration of all these platforms. Our cloud recording solution Recordia can capture, encrypt and store interactions varying from phone calls and SMS to social media and even face-to-face conversations. If too many UC (unified communication) platforms overwhelm users, Recordia can help both users and IT departments by acting as the “glue” that unites all of these sources and making it easy to uncover the “truth” so to speak. You have all of your customer’s information in one easy to navigate platform.

Will recording actually help staff with this multiplatform customer service?

Yes, not only does Recordia record and securely store interactions between your employees and services, it can also transcribe voice to searchable text. You can also use our speech analytics to search for keywords. This can help identify trends- if customers are unhappy or opportunities to upsell, this in turn will increase revenue, as you will be able to retain customers and identify their needs.

Curious about what Recordia can do for you?

Feel free to contact us if you want to learn more about how Recordia can help your customer service and drive your business forward.  

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