What is CRM? Customer Relationship Management

by José Luis Pérez November 14, 2018
What is CRM?- Customer Relationship Management

What is CRM? 

The simplest way to begin explaining CRM is that it´s an abbreviation of “Customer Relationship Management”. A software solution that brings together a multitude of capabilities. It can store all your prospective clients, make calls, send emails, create reports, programme appointments, add notes and in some cases even figure out who has opened your last email, all without leaving the CRM system.

Sales teams work hard to get information about their clients. This information is then circulated throughout their desktop. Call control software records phone calls, spreadsheets contain data about sales funnels, post-its contain crucial information and the calendar (digital or physical) keeps a record of calls and appointments. Therfore, when have they have to revert back to their client relationships or if they need a quick update on a potential client, they need to look at various sources to gather information. In a time sensitive job such as sales, not only is this approach unfeasible, it’s unsustainable.

Customer Relationship Management System

A CRM system gathers all this information in one cohesive unit. A complete record of your clients and your business, a list of your offers, emails, up to date notes and appointments all on a single interface. Whats more, you can receive real-time notifications when your current and potential clients perform an important action, such as visiting specific pages of your website or clicking a link in your email. We’re talking about information of great value, available in one system.

CRM, therefore, is the only interface your sales team needs. It could be the difference between gaining or losing a client. It could also be the kickstart of major productivity by the sales team, healthier communication and better interdepartamental coordination. By its very nature, a CRM system helps you build lasting relationships with you clients.

Technical Specifications of CRM

– CRM system in servers or the cloud

CRM systems initially based themselves in physical servers, but the trend is increasingly moving to the cloud. This means that you can buy CRM software in a subscription, personalize it and not worry about the administration costs of the server.

– CRM for computers and mobiles

CRM’s are applications principally based in the web. They are still principally developed for desktops and laptops, however, they are now optimized for mobile devices. The majority of CRM systems are available as mobile Apps in both Android and IOS.

CRM integration

CRM can be integrated with a variety of applications such as automated marketing tools, live chat  and technical assistence software. Unlike spreadsheets and emails, CRM lets you collaborate in rapid real-time. At CWS we have a solution called Recordia,which integrates with Salesforce and Dynamics in order to store records and recordings of phonecalls, SMS, faxes, emails and other client interactions in one place.

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